Friday, January 27, 2012

Shorts And Hosiery Are Still Unknown

Usually I associate the fashion of shorts and hosiery with men, because that is what we have been aiming for, for so long. The truth is that the style is more associated with women, because of how common it is with them.

I am still amazed at how few people seem to be aware of it. Maybe I skimmed too quickly through this fashion advice article, but I get the impression that shorts and hosiery is still very new to many people.

I say all of this, because I am beginning to wonder if I truly underestimated how hard it would be to push this trend. I wonder if there are way more people who have not heard, than I could comprehend. Perhaps these people are way too difficult for us to reach.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I think the only real solution is for enough men to start wearing shorts and hose so that many people see it firsthand as a new style for men. For example, maybe a few times I week they would see a man dressed that way. Or they would see some celebrities dress that way. I live in a college area where many of the young men and women wear the latest fashions, and there is liberal culture of acceptance for unusual styles. I see quite a few young women wearing shorts and tights (as well as tights with skirts and dresses.) That seems to clearly be a fashion style for women. However, I've yet to see any men wearing the man's version of that. (I'm not counting when men wear tights like Under Armour because they are dressed for sports.) Based on what they see everyday, average people would say that tights and shorts is a women's fashion and not a men's fashion. Maybe when all the news articles were appearing about men's pantyhose a few years ago, they may have read about it. But they have no reason to take it seriously without seeing it in real life. Also, mens hose is often presented as something to wear under long pants for warmth or for medical reasons, with fashion mentioned only briefly if at all.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I saw a documentary on the psychology of trends and shopping. At the beginning of the documentary, the cigarette companies hired a psychologist to overcome the taboo of women smoking. It's unbelievable that at 1 time, women were not allowed to smoke. They overcame it simply by having small group of popular/cool women bringing out cigarettes during a crowded event. The public saw it, and became hooked.

      We can do that, too, but nobody is going to bother, because, in general, we hate working together.

      Speaking of not working together, I find it hard to find you on the web. Is there place where I can go to send you a message?