Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moisturizing My Legs

stock photo of a small container of petroleum jelly

Lately, I have been using petroleum jelly to moisturize my legs, because I am sick and tired of taking off my hosiery and finding lots of flakes of dead skin. It is just gross to me, and it is difficult to wash them out, I think.

stock photo of a pair of smooth female legs

In general, moisturizing skin is off-topic for this blog, but we need relatively clean and nice skin to get the most out of our hosiery wearing experience.

The best technique that I have found is to add a thin layer of petroleum jelly all over the skin, when you get out of the shower. I tend to do it several minutes later, but the sooner the better.

An interesting challenge I find is trying to moisturize skin when it is already dry. The simplest solution is to just use water and petroleum jelly. If there is a faucet near by, then I would lightly wet my hands, and then rub the water into my skin. I would then quickly rub the petroleum jelly in.

In the future, I intend to carry a little bottle of or a little container of water. When I am outside of the house, I can use the water to wet my hands, before applying the moisturizer.

I find that the skin is so much more receptive to moisturizers when it is wet. The water evaporates, and then leaves the moisturizer much more evenly spread out.

Lately, my hands have been so much smoother, and I have enjoyed the tactile sensation the hosiery that I wear much more.

What kinds of things do you do to moisturize your skin?

Thank you for reading!

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