Monday, January 2, 2012

Ralph Lauren Endorses Shorts For Work

Over a year ago, Ralph Lauren's company advised men to wear shorts at work.

I was pretty impressed. The fact that any company endorses shorts for work is impressive, but the part that impressed me was the fact that they tried to keep it professional looking.

Where do you think that these outfits would be appropriate? Do you completely agree with all of their advice? I know that you have strong opinions on what is fashionable. Enlighten us, please! :^)

There seems to be quite a mix of reactions. One reader said that she wanted the model's number. Another reader said that the anklets and bracelets do not work.

I think that I agree with the anklets and bracelets comment. The suggested outfits in the photos seemed a bit too casual to me, but overall, they seem to hit the mark. I think that they are correct in that bankers and lawyers would be out of luck. I think that this would work best in an environment that is more casual than the modelled outfits.

Thank you for reading!

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