Saturday, January 7, 2012

FireHosiery Is A New Australian Company

I am pleased to congratulate FireHosiery on starting up. I am proud to say that I seem to be the first person to comment in their blog. I am disappointed to say that my comment is now gone. Did they delete it? I was trying to congratulate them on starting up.

FireHosiery seems to be unique in that they only have patterned hosiery. I wonder how far they can go with that. I assumed that every company needs to sell unpatterned hosiery as a main source of income. To those of you who have business experience, do you think that they can survive on just patterned hosiery?

Be sure to check out their YouTube channel. They have a nice video on how to put on hosiery. It seems to be the nicest that I have ever seen. If you know of any better videos that teach us how to put on hosiery, then please do share in the comments below. They also have a great video of a photo shoot, and a fashion show. In the fashion show, some of the women do not wear anything below the hips, other than hosiery and shoes.

Thank you for reading!

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