Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finally Hemmed Pants Into Shorts

My dad asked me to widen the waist of his dress pants, last night. I did it this morning. Do you remember me buying pants from the army surplus store to make shorts? Do you remember me ironing them into shorts? Since doing the favour for my dad involved using the sewing machine, I went ahead and made at least 1 pair of shorts.

This should be longer in the leg than my favourite black shorts, and it should be looser in the leg as well. The pants have some small markings, but it is good enough to be a grubby pair of shorts. In fact, it will much better than the last grubby pair of shorts that I had. The last pair was so grubby, that it turned grey. This is definitely black.

Some time ago, I decided to examine the professionally made shorts, to see how they were cut and hemmed at the bottom of the leg portion. It seems that they are measured with the front pressed against the back, and then cut with a straight line across the front and back. I suppose that dress pants are done differently.

I must have thought about the pants for about 30 - 60 minutes, while watching a movie also. I was not satisfied with how it might turn out. I wanted the inside of the hem to be able to fold in nicely, and reach across the inside completely. It is hard for me to explain, because I do not know the terminology. The legs are tapered, so the inside of the hem would be narrower, which means that the fabric will not reach both sides, as is. I figured out that I could undo the side seam, and allow the fabric to be unfolded a little that way. I hope that I make sense. The point is that I made it hem very nicely.

I am much more satisfied with the hemming of this pair of shorts than the first pairs of shorts that I made. This has a straight seam, and a straight thread line. It was done relatively quickly, once I figured out what I wanted, and it seems to be much more in style than my favourite black shorts.

I am looking forward to not having to wear my favourite black shorts. I want to keep them in good condition for special occasions.

Tomorrow, or Monday, I will try to finish off my other 4 pairs: 2 casual and 2 dressy.

Thank you for reading!

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