Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wore Hosiery During Outing With Parents

Yesterday, I wore grey opaque full length hosiery, during an outing with my parents. We had to attend to something, and then went to dim sum. Overall, the outing went well. I wanted to ask my parents if they would mind me wearing, but I decided to not do it, since they kind of owed it to me, and since they had plenty of time adjusting to it.

I found that everybody acted normal. We had various unrelated conversations, that seemed unrelated to my clothes. They did not seem nervous, or anything.

We had to see somebody during the outing, and the person asked if I biked there, which was kind of funny. The person was just making small talk and being friendly. Because of the importance of the visit, I just explained that I was just trying to start a fashion trend. The person seemed to understand.


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