Saturday, June 23, 2012

Silks Hosiery News For Fall 2012

I have great news for Silks hosiery fans and sellers, who want more colour variety!

Currently, the largest Silks colour variety is available in Silks control top sheers [style #19003], but that style is missing navy blue, which is available in other styles.

In the fall of 2012, Silks control top sheers [style #19003] will come in navy blue, which means that that style will be offered in all the colours that Silks hosiery comes in.

This is extremely helpful to customers, because customers who have already tried Silks control top sheers in other colours will know what to expect in navy blue.

Navy blue is most useful for business formal, but it is also good for adding a small twist to your casual outfits.

Having all of the colours in 1 style is a great business move for Doris Hosiery Mills, because it strengthens the brand.

I recommend buying 1 pair of every colour of style #19003, so that you have more colour options for matching your outfit.

Do any of you enjoy wearing navy blue?

Thank you for reading!

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