Saturday, June 2, 2012

Genitalia And Breasts And Hosiery As Pants

I touched on genitalia [no pun intended!!] in the last couple of blog posts. While writing them, I thought about a discussion that I had with a masculism advocate. He basically said that if women could go topless, then men deserved to go bottomless. After all, their breasts stick out, so why could we not walk around with male genitals sticking out? That never sat right with me.

I think that we need to cover that topic to better understand why men are not able to wear hosiery as pants.

The thing is that breasts are not directly related to reproduction. They are not related to orgasms either. All genitals are related to reproduction and orgasms. Also, male and female genitals are used for urinating. There are probably other common functions.

If anything, males would need to hide their genitals. When male ballet dancers perform, and maybe even when they rehearse, they wear a dance belt. Dancers probably wear them more for comfort, but I am confident that modesty is an issue, since I have never seen a the shape of a male dancer's genitals be visible through the fabric.

Our reactions to both kinds of genitals are a sign that we place them in the same major category, while treating them differently: female dancers do not wear dance belts, in general, while male dancers do. In the end, both dancers have a clean curved shape, and both shapes are almost androgynous.

Contrast that with the breasts. Although women typically are required to wear something on top, they are often encouraged to flaunt the shapes of their breasts. The shapes of the breasts are a recognition of femininity, and not necessarily sexuality, whereas genitals are typically a recognition of sexuality. This is even seen the animal world, when a female animal exposes her genitals. In some cases genitals can be a sign of too much information. Camel toe, anybody?

This clearly shows why women can push a little further, by wearing hosiery as pants: they do not need to wear a dance belt, so hosiery as pants for women is not as immodest as it is for men. Men need to hide their genitals, and therefore, have a much longer journey to reach that goal.

That being said, I am not supportive of men doing that. Then again, I used to say that men should only wear hosiery under pants.

What do you think? Should men be able to wear hosiery without pants, kilts, and shorts?

Thank you for reading!

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