Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wore First Pair Of New Shorts Yesterday

I was pleased to try out the new shorts yesterday. I went out twice, so I wore them twice. They seem to match a casual outfit so much better than my favourite black shorts.

The first time that I went out, I wore grey opaques, that had a very mild even shimmer.

The second time that I went out, I wore my usual black opaque footless hosiery with socks. My feet were hurting, because of the dress shoes from the first outing, so I decided to not push it, and so I wore my white running shoes.

In both cases, I wore black bike shorts length hosiery to protect the hosiery from my regular shorts.

Again, I was really happy with the sewing, because of how even the threading was. With my ugly grey grubby shorts, I had very visible threading of a mismatched colour, which made the shorts a little less pleasurable to wear. Therefore, this pair of shorts is a real delight to wear.

My only complaint is that the pockets are so high up, and so shallow.

I declare that they are a smashing success!

Thank you for reading!

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