Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Frangi Pangi: 2 Great Hosiery Stories

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For those just joining us, I managed to conduct an interview with Jocelyn Maminta, who created and owns Frangi Pangi hosiery.

Do you have a funny hosiery story?

I knew I had created something special when I was at a grocery store -- waiting to pay for my groceries when the woman right behind me tapped my shoulder.

She pointed to another woman behind her -- waving emphatically -- trying to get my attention. That woman blurted out -- where can I get more of Frangi Pangi?

I laughed and told her where the closest boutique was located.

Do you have a sad hosiery story?

I had a guest on a television show who showed up with the wrong color hose with poor quality. She apologized for it and was thankful her legs were not going to be shown.

Every woman should feel good about how she looks.

Do you have an inspirational hosiery story?

I don't have one yet.

Readers, I consider her short story from last week to be inspirational. It inspires me to make good products that people will love.

Thank you, everybody, for reading!

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