Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frangi Pangi: Starting The Business

Before we start in, I want to mention that there is a bit of a pleasant surprise at the end. The rest of my post tells you all.

Starting a business is a huge undertaking. Did you have business experience before this company?

I didn't have any business experience. But I've surrounded myself with smart people and I've put in the time and hard work to make it happen.

What were some of the struggles of getting the whole operation started?

There are always struggles when you start a business from scratch.

I wanted Frangi Pangi made in the USA. But finding a company proved to be challenging. Many knitters moved their operations overseas and the larger companies did not want to bother with a start-up. We finally found one in North Carolina.

Other struggles include -- coming up with skin tones to appeal to all women of colour -- which took two years to develop.

To get it started, did you start it off a bit at a time, or a lot at once?

It takes time to launch any company. Up to a point -- you can do it a bit at a time but at some point you reach a critical mass in the development of your concept and have to go big or go home. That's the scary part.

You obviously have hosiery experience. What other experiences do you draw on, to run [Frangi Pangi]?

My ability to talk with people and relate to their issues.

Why did you choose the name?

Frangi Pangi is derived from a colorful flower in the Caribbean. It was the perfect name for fine hosiery created for women of all colour.

Hey all, it seems that people have been asking about the name. I found a video. It is a good chance to hear her voice.

Are you currently hiring?

Yes, we are looking for seasoned sales representatives. Contact Gary Doyens - Director of Sales - at 203-676-6610 or

I thought that that might be nice for you all. If you are looking for work, and if you are interested in working in the hosiery business, then here is your chance.

Thank you for reading!

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