Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frangi Pangi: About America The Homeland

As usual, I like to learn a bit about the person's background. Jocelyn did not offer as much as I had hoped for, but as usual, the rest of my post tells you all.

On the phone, you mentioned that you were born outside of the US. Would you refresh my memory?

I was born in the Philippines. My family moved to the US when I was six years old.

Tell us a bit about that and the US. What was life like?

I don't remember much of the Philippines but my parents made sure my siblings and I remained connected to our culture. I am proud to be a filipina and believe it is critical that we all remember our heritage.

Other than the colour selection, is it easy to buy hosiery in America?

Yes -- you can poor quality hosiery at grocery stores and drug stores -- if you want better quality hose you have to go to the mall.

Our goal is to put Frangi Pangi in lingerie stores and boutiques.

Do you know if that is what it is like where you were born?

Not relevant.

Have you tried hosiery from the country where you were born?

Not relevant.

Thank you for reading!

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