Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frangi Pangi: Hosiery Review

As stated before, I received a sample of Frangi Pangi in fava size B. I am happy to report that it went well.

Unlike many hosiery reviews, I try take you into the package and past the promotional material, so that you get the actual information that you need to make a decision. I have included photos of the packaging and of the hosiery at various stages of the review. The rest of my post tells you all.

Here we can see a sticker/label on the mailing envelope. They are showing their pride in the product, it seems.

I hated opening the mailing envelope, because it was so nicely done, but we had to get past that to the stuff, right?

Next, we finally get to see the pantyhose and package. It is just like I expected. Notice that the label/sticker is here also. They really want us to know what they value and what they offer, do they not?

The colour and size were chosen entirely by a male employee, who does not wear hosiery. I told him my height, and showed him my profile. I think that he did a fantastic bang up job.

At first, I was a bit nervous, because fava seemed too light, but the thing is that once it stretches, it suits my skin colour much better.

Let us take a quick look at the back, while the package is still in good condition.

Oh, no.

Frangi Pangi excutives, please take note of the rough edges in the photo below. When customers pull the hosiery out of the package, the hosiery might get snagged. This happens with the products that I sell, and I believe that it might happen to your products too. Please change that.

Customers, when removing your Frangi Pangi, pull the hosiery out very slowly, and watch it very carfully. Also, try to hold that flap away from your hosiery.

When I removed the hosiery, I saw this.

At last! The hosiery!

Notice the even texture, the even seams, and the run guard at the top of the leg. All these things are signs of good quality or better.

Here, I show my hand for you to compare to the hosiery, so that you can decide if the sales staff chose a good colour for me. Please tell me in the comments below, before continuing.

My suggestion to Frangi Pangi is to suggest to customers to buy 3 colours. I think that you would enjoy 3 colours: a colour lighter than your "normal" skin colour; your "normal" skin colour; a colour darker than your skin colour. After all, your skin changes throughout the year. Also, sometimes it looks kind of nice to see your legs look a little brighter/darker than your normal skin colour. When you wear a bright spring/summer dress, then you will want brighter legs, too. Likewise, when you wear darker outfits, then you will want darker legs, too.

They have a shaped heel, so they obviously put some thought into it.

Here is another sign of quality: the cotton gusset is so evenly cut. As I said above, the seam is so even.

Here is another straight seam. The panty portion is very even textured as well.

These 5 photos show me wearing the hosiery on 1 leg, without stretching it lengthwise. My inseam is 30″. Since size B goes so high without stretching lengthwise, most of you can rest assured that there is a size for you.

You can see a bit of the other hosiery leg at the top of the first photo. That is not something private. :^D

Take note of the shimmer on the outer portion of the leg of the first photo.

While the hosiery definitely is noticeable, it is also difficult to see the differences between some spots, and therefore justifies the description of ultra sheer. It does even out my skin texture a little. I photographed myself in different light to give you a better idea of what it looks like.

When considering new hosiery, I think that 1 of the first few things that most people consider is length and sagginess. Frangi Pangi's gusset came to about mid thigh, without any stretching. I then stretched it all the way up very well. Frangi Pangi guarantees their ultra sheers for 4 days, and I tested them for 4 days, and they did not slip down or sag on any of those days. So, as far as fit goes, you will not go wrong with Frangi Pangi, as long as you are not too close to the upper part of your size.

Think fast: name a single brand of ultra sheer stockings that has enough colour variety to match your skin colour! If you like to get a little bit of extra out of your hosiery, then you could convert them to stayup/holdup stockings. This is not advertised, and it is probably not recommended by the company, but in my opinion, converting them would give you a more customized pair of hosiery with Frangi Pangi's main benefits: colour matching your skin; ultra sheer hosiery. Just be sure to cut above the run guard, and then apply clear nail polish or nail hardener to the cut edges of the garment.

During my tests, bending my leg did not pull the hosiery down, so I think that Frangi Pangi will work fine as stockings.

This leg photo shows us what it looks like, when size B is stretched for a size 6.5 foot and 30″ inseam.

These photos give you a better idea of what the knitting of the hosiery looks like, so that you can estimate how the fabric feels.

When wearing hosiery, I like to rub hosiery on hosiery, and I love it when it feels slippery. Frangi Pangi does not disappoint. It feels really slippery.

I am very interested in selling Frangi Pangi online in Hosiery Advocate's Boutique to Canadians. That means that I am willing to put my name behind the product.

The big question of the day: Eugene, would you wear Frangi Pangi on a regular basis?? No, I would not, because I do not typically wear sheers, and I have never worn ultra sheers. I all ready have a huge stash of Energizers Medium Support opaque hosiery that I want to enjoy and put to good use. If I wanted to wear ultra sheers, then I would consider Frangi Pangi, because it supports American manufacturing, as well as the other benefits that I have written about.

Apparently, I was not the only person, who had positive opinions about Frangi Pangi. Check these out, and then buy your own!

This review probably took around 12 hours to create, because of the photographing, and organizing and typing. If you would like somebody to create an in depth review, then please do contact me, since I would love to do it.

Please come back next week, when we will continue with this interview.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Great article but I had to back and re-read it because I couldn't figure out what was going on with photo # 11 where the pantyhose are bunched up at the crotch. I see now they were only half on. Thanks for the article on Frangi Pangi pantyhose you put alot of work into it.

    1. You are welcome, Rosie. Thanks for reading and commenting. I find it very encouraging.