Monday, May 6, 2013

Sent 2 Shipments Today

I was pleased to send 2 shipments for the first time. I sent hosiery to Manitoba, Canada, and to New South Wales, Australia. It means a lot to me, because it feels like I am getting busier.

I was tempted to bring out my delivery bag. It is a free bag that I got from relatives, and I set it aside just for delivering hosiery. I thought that bringing that along would be more trouble than it was worth. It was just as well that I carried the shipments with my hands. They were good for keeping the sun off of my face.

I had to deal with a couple of orders before, if I recall correctly, but 1 of them was a local delivery, and there was not a sense of urgency. She was a friend, who did not mind waiting for when I made a trip out to Vancouver.

Thank you for reading!

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