Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good Representation Of How We Should Look

Here is a picture that I want you to see. Read the remainder of my blog entry to read my commentary.

I suppose that you must be a bit disappointed. The thing that I wanted you to see was that he looked very masculine. The only question is about whether or not he is old fashioned. I think that too many people try to toe the line, and they end up coming across as feminine.

You could wear hosiery. Just try to look masculine.

Let's think a bit about what he is wearing.

  • Is his clothing baggy?
  • Does he look like he could get back to work, or will he need to get changed?
  • Does it look like the material is too frail? If you had to do some labour, then would you wear frail material like material used in a wedding dress?
  • Is he trying to show off his crotch or his bottom? Where do people focus when they look at him?

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