Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comments On Hosiery Trends For Fall 2010

Oringina, at Fashion My Legs, gave some interesting tidbits about hosiery trends for fall 2010. Read on, for my response.

Quant soon convinced JC Penney, with its 1,765 stores in the US, that it should stock tights too, and after that "I could do no wrong in their eyes," such were the sales figures. Shulman thinks that a similar economic revolution in hosiery may be happening now. "Tights," she says, "are a new area to do something with. If [a design house] can produce their own tights it's another area of business."

I think that that is interesting. It seems to be opposite of what I have seen in my life. Many hosiery companies [e.g. Wolford, Silkies] started branching out, after they started off in hosiery, and now it seems that the hosiery is just a small part of their offering, that you have to look for.

"Historically, legwear was always an afterthought," says operations director Matthew Drinkwater of the Japanese legwear specialist Tabio. "Now you see people building their outfits around it."

I build my outfits around the hosiery also. For example, I might have worn too much brown hosiery, lately, so I might choose to wear grey, and then match the outfit accordingly.

Shulman swears by Wolford's Velvet De Luxe black opaques and bulk buys at the start of each winter, as does Alice Rawsthorn, design critic of the International Herald Tribune (that counts as heavy backing).

Wolford is a great choice.

There are many things that you do not want to buy in bulk, but we should buy the hosiery that we wear the most in bulk, because of the types of benefits and the amount of benefits.

A benefit is consistency. People who do not buy in bulk, or at least keep track of their favourite brand and styles, usually end up just randomly buying whatever happens to be there. This means that they will never get a consistent appearance, fit, and hand ["hand" is a the way that a fabric feels to your hand]. Also, if we buy in bulk, or buy consistently, and then try to return 1 defective pair, then companies might be willing to trust us more. If we do buy in bulk, or buy consistently, then we can relax over our purchases.

Another benefit is possibly getting discounts with bulk purchases.

Another benefit is making business routines easier for the hosiery companies, that you support, because they get larger quantities out the door, with less work.

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