Monday, October 18, 2010

3 Things Happened To Me On Saturday

  • I found out that my brother does not want his kids to see me wear hosiery.
  • I found another supportive woman.
  • Somebody told me about Japanese guys wearing hosiery.

Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details.

My mom said that my brother spoke to my dad about me not wearing hosiery and shorts around the kids. I find that a bit disturbing. I thought that he would have gotten used to the idea, by now. Let us recap: it has been years since he found out; I have a book out, that has been bought by 2 public libraries; I have more support from the internet community; I even got ad revenue. None of these things prove anything, but they sure should influence his perspective. I have a feeling that even if everybody else supported me, then he would still not approve.

It is probably 1 of those psychological things, where if the idea is not our own, then we might disapprove of it. It is laughable that we could be that way, but we all tend to do it once in a while. What I find so amazing is that he loves the idea of fusion in music, fusion in food, and fusion even in boardgames and card games. He just loves to fuse ideas together. So it is pretty surprising that he could resist such an idea. Except for a handful of doctrinal issues, he is not what I would consider to be conservative, yet he just cannot let go.

That being said, he did not bring up the issue, when he visited that evening. He even let me try out his new SUV.

On an unrelated note, it is a very nice vehicle.

Later on in the evening, I checked Facebook, and a friend sent a positive message. She found out about my blog, because I told her about my week, and about my book. After she checked the link, she said that she found it fascinating, and that she wanted to check it out more. I welcome her support, because she seems to be alert, and to have a good head on her shoulders. She seems to have good manners, too.

Guys, when you are wondering if we are making progress, think about her.

Lastly, I got a bunch of links from a friend about Japanese guys who wear hosiery. All of them are supposed to contain photos. I skimmed through them, and I was not impressed. 1 web site just had body parts. Another had photos of entire body fully clothed, but I did not like the way that he portrayed himself. Maybe it was the way that he kept putting insects and leaves on his legs. It just is not something that I expect masculine men to do. The other 2 web sites did not seem to impress me, either, but I cannot remember why. If we ever want to come across as masculine and heterosexual, then we ought to be asking ourselves, "What would Patrick Stewart do?", because he probably wore tights, when he acted in "A Christmas Carol". You probably would not have noticed, because it was such a masculine way of wearing it. I do not understand why guys seem to always stray towards photos of their groins and feet.

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