Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Product: Shatobu

Shatobu is an innovative new product for women, invented by a Canadian chiropractor. Go to the site, to see it for yourself. Keep reading to see my own opinions on the concept.

Come back tomorrow, to see the email that I will send to them, which contains suggestions.

I chose to use the word, "concept", because I think that I am not qualified to write about the specific product that they offer. I have not conducted any tests, and even if I did, then what could I possibly know?

I like the idea, because a little extra exercise would really help people. I wish that they would have made a guy's version. I do not see why guys would avoid something like that. As it is, men already wear bike shorts. Why not wear something that adds resistance? If the healthy people would probably wear it, then the larger people would wear it, also.

1 thing that I like about the web site, is that they mentioned that they conducted tests with universities. I wish that they would have given more details on how they measured the performance of the participants.

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