Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Organized My Hosiery Drawers

I think that we should share how we organize things, so that other fanatics can have an easier time of it. Read on for my details, and share yours below.

I have 1 stack of hosiery for wearing at home. If a pair has a snag on 1 leg, then I will wear it on top of or underneath another pair with the same problem. 2 sheer pairs should keep me warmer in this cold season.

I have another stack of hosiery for wearing at home, but this pile contains nice hosiery that I only want to wear once in a while, because it would be a treat. The hosiery is expensive, and I do not want to ruin it.

I have another stack of hosiery for wearing out. The stack is supposed to contain 1 of every colour, opacity, hand [i.e. how the fabric feels to the hand when it touches the fabric] and shininess [i.e. shiny or matte]. The stack does not have everything, but the goal is to have every single kind ready for whenever I want. I like the idea a lot. I only want to have non-patterned hosiery, so that should cut down on a lot. That being said, I really need to be careful that I do not spend too much money on this. Also, the stack will need more fine tuning, because I do not want to use certain pairs all that much.

I have a group of stacks, that contain leggings, bicycle-short length hosiery, knee highs, and stay-ups. These will be matched together, so that I can form the equivalent of a full length pair.

The last stack is just extra stuff that I have not decided what to do with.

The rest of this journal entry is just stuff that I want to share.

I am glad to discover that I still have another pair of Leggs Sheer Energy. I find that they are very comparable to Wolford Long Distance.

I have many other pairs that are still in packages. They are stored away, and I am looking forward to trying them on.

I have pairs that were old when I got them. I bought those pairs in a second hand store. They were unused, and still are in the package.

As I dug up snagged pairs, I noticed markings and overall textures that brought up a lot of good memories. For example, 1 pair was given to me by an ESL student. I really appreciate her for that. I got some black markings on them. I must have put them next to a wet black pair, and some of the die must have soaked in.

Wow. I am so surprised by how many pairs of hosiery I have. I think that I have around 75-100, and until tonight, I thought that I had only about 20-30.

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