Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spoke With My Uncle To Influence My Parents

My uncle, my aunt, my parents and I went out for supper. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details of our hosiery related discussion.

Since he bought the book, I asked him about it, and then asked him about whether or not he would be willing to go out in public with his son, if his son decided to wear it. He said that it would be his son's choice. I asked my aunt the same question, and she did not know. She had not thought about it.

I asked them, because my parents were there, and I wanted them to see what other people think. Generally speaking, my uncle and my aunt were more permissive than my mom and dad.

A peculiar question that my aunt asked me was whether or not I was wearing anything under the hosiery. I did not think that it would matter, but maybe she was just plain curious, because maybe she knew that some people do not wear both. I told her that I was, because that is always the case. I do not know what to make of her question.

We are making progress.

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