Friday, November 12, 2010

Article: Advice On Matching Hosiery To Outfit

A lady asked a fellow for advice on matching hosiery to her business outfit. Read the remainder of my blog entry for my own ideas.

I'm not a fashion expert, and even if I were, then I still would not be able to give simple advice that applies to every outfit, because every outfit is different.

Overall, I recommend that the shade of hosiery be brighter than or the same as the rest of the outfit. Even if the unstretched hosiery fabric were darker than everything, it might still be okay to wear it with the outfit, because the hosiery stretches and then often appears lighter than the rest of the outfit.

For my own preferences, I think that people can get away with darker hosiery and lighter outfits, if the shoes are not too dark, and if the rest of the outfit comes down past the knees. The idea is that you do not want it to be bright above the knees, but dark below. Oddly enough, wearing black shoes, but light coloured everything else might work.

Like I said, I am not a fashion expert. The easiest solution is to wear a dark power suit, so that any hosiery could match.

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