Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Convert In My Orchestra?

I went to orchestra rehearsal last night, and I wore the blue opaques that I bought from Foot Traffic, with a white turtleneck, a hoodie sweat shirt, and my least favourite black shorts. I felt uncomfortable wearing such a bright colour with my outfit, but the other opaques were in the laundry, or were being saved for my better clothes.

Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details of my discussions with a couple of fellow performers.

A saxophone player asked me about how many colours I have. She was the person who sent a positive message. If I recall correctly, I told her that I had about 5-10. I try to have a variety that will match my outfits, plus the red pair for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter. I also have standard colours like black, brown, and blue.

She mentioned an interesting thing. When she ran a marathon, she saw a couple of women wearing blue hosiery as part of their running outfits. I asked if she was sure that it was hosiery, and not just those running tights. She said that there were some who wore the running tights, but there were a couple of them who wore blue tights. She said that when she saw them, she wondered if they read my blog, and whether or not they were influenced by me.

I think that it would be possible. I doubt it, but it is something to be optimistic and hopeful about.

I was really hooked on the idea that she thought that it looked really fashionable. I felt flattered because I was dressed quite casually. She said that it really draws the focus of the eyes. I asked her if she wore them. She mentioned that she had a black pair, but nothing else. I told her that black is good, and encouraged her to wear more often. She said that she just might. As I was leaving the room, I pointed to her, and said that I might have a new convert.

A couple of other people mentioned my hosiery, also. 1 of them wondered if I my wearing them was out of a concern of getting hit by a driver. I told him that I was not, and that I wore them to keep the legs warm, and so that I could wear shorts during winter, and that I wanted to start a fashion trend.

On a slightly unrelated note, 1 of the reasons that I was determined to wear today, was because of how cold it is. I really need to convey to people that women survive comfortably with a skirt and hosiery, so it should be expected that guys can wear shorts and hosiery. 2 or 3 years ago, I wore hosiery, basically all year long, even in -10 C weather. The only weather related reason that I eventually wore pants, was because the snow was so deep that it got in my boots. The trick to keeping warm is to wear more layers from the waist up. Of course, you might begin to look a little bit silly, but the idea is that there are options.

I would say that yesterday was very successful.

Come back tomorrow to read my blog entry on what to wear when running.

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