Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hosiery And Shorts In -4 C Weather; Volunteer Boss Wore Hosiery Under Pants

I wore the blue opaque Foot Traffic hosiery that I wrote about before, and a pair of shorts. My boss showed everybody in the room, that he was wearing very opaque hosiery under his pants. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details.

As far as my appearances go. I was not really thinking about how I look. I just did whatever it took to make it through the day. As I write this, I feel kind of guilty, because I keep trying to get people to dress up, and here I am dressed like a bit of a slob. I write all of these things to be open with you.

The weather felt like -10 C to -20 C weather. The web seems to say that it was only around -4 C. I do not know how much that is in Fahrenheit, but it is well below freezing. I wished that I had brought a pair of gloves with me. I also wished that I brought a toque. My legs were quite cold, but it was very bearable, and I was still happy.

While I was at volunteer work, our boss pointed to my hosiery, and mentioned that it was a great idea on such a cold day. He even told us that he wore tights, too. I thought that he was wearing running tights, which are essentially running pants. I asked him, "Do they go all the way down to the toes?", and he said that they did, which surprised me. I did not look very carefully, and thought that it went to the ankles, and was covered up by the socks, but he insists that they go to the toes.

When he showed us his hosiery, nobody laughed, or was surprised.

I guess that I am constantly amazed by how many people wear it, but do not say so.

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