Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Performed In Church

On Sunday, I played my trumpet. For a musical offering, I played a solo piece, and for a Remembrance Day moment, I played both the The Last Post and Reveille. I wore my favourite black shorts, Wolford Waist Socks, black dress shoes, tie, and a sports coat.

Read the remainder of the entry for more details.

In each piece, I played a couple of sour notes.

People were very thankful, and a couple of them asked me if I played professionally. That was very encouraging, since I never did well in high school. Even though I am 37, high school and college memories still haunt me.

I was pretty nervous about the whole experience, because I felt that my appearance was a little strange. The coat did not seem to match the shorts, and the hosiery also seemed too casual. The hosiery reminded me of old leggings that women might wear, in that they were beginning to look a bit pilled. I think that overall, it seemed to go okay. Since people were thankful for the musical offering of the solo piece, and for the Remembrance Day music, they probably have come to respect guys in hosiery even more.

I saw the pastor carrying a camera, so I got him to take a photo of me. I will try to post it.

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