Monday, November 15, 2010

Photos Of Outfit For Church Performance

I hate to belittle anybody, but for a good example of how to not dress, check out this guy's outfit.

After that, come back here to read the remainder of the blog entry, to see why I do not recommend this specific outfit.

First of all, thank you for your patience. I wanted to get the photo as soon as possible, but I did not ask the pastor right away, because I did not want to bother him. It was getting to be a while, so I sent him an email, last night, so that we would not have to wait longer.

Overall, the textures of all the fabrics work well. Of all the items, I only like the shoes and the hosiery.

I like wearing the blazer in general, but I think that it is too big in the shoulders, for this style. If I wore pants, then the pants would be baggier than the shorts and hosiery, which would balance out the outfit. If you looked at all of my outfits at, then you would find that most/all of them have a slimmer shoulder.

I wanted to show you this photo, to show you what I wore, and to also prove to you that I do not think that I always make perfect outfits.

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