Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hosiery Review: Silks Premium Tights

On Sunday, I wore Silks Premium Tights, and they felt wonderful. I highly recommend them. Read the remainder of my blog entry for the review.

If I recall correctly, I got this, a few years ago, for free, from The Bay, in Oakridge, because I worked there, and I earned points that could be spent on anything in the store. The main reason I got this was to just try out something nice.

When I opened the package, I had hoped for something very opaque, and thick. I wanted to completely cover up my skin, even when the knee was bent, and I wanted it to keep me warm, when I wear shorts in winter.

The packaging indicates that there are only 3 sizes. I bought size 2, which is for 5'2" - 5'8" and 130 lbs - 170 lbs [157 cm - 173 cm; 59 kg - 77 kg]. I am 5'6", and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was some slack, even though I pulled it up to my crotch. Therefore, people who are taller than me should be able to fit into this quite easily.

For some reason, I bought dark navy, instead of black. They appeared to be black in the bright outdoor light. In dim indoor light, it appeared to be dark blue, which is what we would expect from, "dark navy". I lifted up my leg, to see the side view of the lower leg, and the hosiery appeared to be completely opaque. So I assume that the entire leg is completely opaque, when I stand up. Some skin did shine through, at the knee, when my knee was bent.

The package says that there is a sheen, and sure enough, I can see it when I look down. I usually do not wash hosiery, when I open the package, because I like the smell and the physical sensation of brand new unwashed hosiery. Just like most brand new hosiery, there is a bit of a rough texture to it, that typically goes away during the first washing. That being said, when I touched the hosiery , right out of the package, and also after I took it off at the end of the day, I was amazed. It is what you would expect if you touched a pair of shiny bike shorts: extremely slippery, and soft. I almost expected it to slip out of my hands. Usually, when I put hosiery on, I find that it is not as smooth as when it is in its most relaxed state, because the yarns pull apart. This pulling apart creates a slightly rougher sensation, even if it is still very smooth. Silks Premium Tights, however, is definitely still very smooth, when worn, and still feels like a pair of slippery bike shorts to me.

In short, I highly recommend that you try it. I suspect that many North American brands, such as Silks, are taking a cue from European companies, and creating higher quality hosiery.

Product Summary

  • Premium Tights [i.e. collant haut de gamme]
  • sheen
  • $15.00
  • 89% nylon and 11% Lycra
  • p2520 [I suspect that this might be a style/product number]
  • ca 00747 [I suspect that this might also be a style/product number]
  • 1956 [I do not know what this number means, but it was next to the size on the front label]
  • size 2: 5'2" - 5'8"; 130 lbs - 170 lbs; [157 cm - 173 cm; 59 - 77 kg]
  • UPC: 0 59984 647447 9

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