Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kilts Night At Doolin's Pub

This time, I did not want to advocate hosiery. I wore it for myself, but some stealthy stuff happened. Read the remainder of the blog entry.

Since I did not intend to interact with anybody, nor show anybody my hosiery, I wore skin coloured sheers. Therefore, I tagged/labelled this entry with encounters, instead of the typical, advocacy.

2 or 3 girls commented on how they liked my kilt, as I was walking along. I whistled cat calls at them. :^D

1 girl looked at me, and said that I need to wear tights. She probably said that because of how cold it was at the time, and most interestingly, because she probably did not see my hosiery. That did not dawn on me, at first. Could you imagine somebody telling you to wear hosiery because he did not see you wearing anything on your legs?

A couple of guys commented on my kilt.

A waitress introduced herself to me, which I thought was interesting. I never asked her for her name. She gave me her name after we talked a bit about the Celtic Festival parade. I volunteered in it, and I saw her walk by as a representative of Doolin's Pub. I am fairly certain that she saw my hosiery a few months back, when the light was shining on my leg, while I sat.

A lot of people wear sheers for stealth. Nothing specifically related to my hosiery happened. Share your kilt and hosiery stories, please. :^)

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