Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wearing White Tougher Hosiery

About a week ago, I got tired of seeing my nice hosiery get pills. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details.

Pills are those little balls of fabric that get stuck on your nice hosiery. This seems to happen with leggings and yoga pants too. Usually this is because of the way that the hosiery is knit and/or the way that the other fabric is made. For example, some cotton fabrics can be very tight knit, and have no apparent stray fibers. Other cotton fabrics can be very loose knit, and have a lot of fuzzy stray fibers. The loose fibers rub against the high quality hosiery, and the hosiery pulls out the cotton fibers. Men often have pants pockets or shorts pockets that are made of loose cotton, so men would probably see more pills than women. That is why I suggested, a while ago, that we wear shorts length hosiery.

There is some hosiery, however, that does not gather pills very easily. I noticed this with my Foot Traffic opaques. They do not seem to have any pills at all. I even put them in my hosiery bag, and then throw them in my laundry machine. Therefore, I decided to start wearing them more often, as casual hosiery. That gave me the perfect excuse to start wearing white hosiery. For quite a while, I was planning on doing it.

I wore it out of the home, on Tuesday, last week. So far, I am quite happy with the results.

I also want to point out that their queen size hosiery actually fits me quite well. I am 5′6″ & 120 lbs. I find that their adult size is a bit short. Their hosiery feels like smooth cotton flannel.

Are there certain pairs that you wear to avoid pills? Have you tried this brand before?

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