Thursday, April 14, 2011

Used Hosiery: 1 Legged Hosiery

Read the remainder of the blog entry for how to use your hosiery after 1 leg gets a run. For more ideas, click used, which can also be found in the right column, under Popular Topics.

Last month, I mentioned that I had scraped hands and knees. I wore hosiery continually, but I kind of regretted it, because the hosiery would cause the bandages to peel: as the hosiery stretched and relaxed, it would rub against the bandage. I think that wearing hosiery over bandaged joints is a bad idea. In some cases, you might get the gummy glue all over the inside of your hosiery. That is especially important when some of you wear nice hosiery.

There are other situations when hosiery would be unideal. Imagine wearing hosiery over a cast on your leg.

I suggest, that if you get a run on 1 leg, but manage to keep the other leg in good condition, then save that pair, in a separate location. You can keep it ready for customization for when you might get into an accident.

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