Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leg Luxury

I invited Leg Luxury to be interviewed, but they declined. I admit that I was quite offended and put off by this, but I think that we need to respect the wishes of people, if they want their privacy. In this case, however, they sent a blurb to tell us about themselves. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the blurb and a special discount. I did not even ask for it.

Please bear in mind that I decided to not edit this, except for adding the links. She gave her email address, but I removed it and gave a link to the contact page.

I'm just going to ramble and give my thots that might be of value to you readers--about tights, of course. I've edited a little based on your market--and be sure to add the name of your blog in the last paragraph.

Here goes:

Leg Luxury was started to help usher in the tights craze that is seizing the nation. This is not a fad; it's an every day, every night trend in accessorizing your legs. The ubiquitous black opaque tights are BORING! If you have good legs (and 87% of people have better legs than they think they have (my unscientific poll) , use this part of your anatomy to make a statement. That applies to women...and men, if you're so inclined.

Leg Luxury specializes in unique patterned sheers and open weave tights. Our customers want to look beautiful and stand out in a crowd. We make that happen--from being the "Exclusive Hosiery of the Everyone's a Winner at the Oscars goody bag to accessorizing an exclusive red carpet runway show by Sue Wong at Fashion Week in L.A.

That's us. We're a company you should know about!

We have some magnificent patterned products with bold designs. There's something for everyone! Check out the signature collection at

I want to introduce one of our signature new products. A recently single customer wanted tights for day into night that would make her look and feel sexy--in and out of clothes. We developed our Little Dots. Think silky sheer tights with subtle little dots from hip to toe. Think lacy French cut bikini--built into the tights. Think sheer toe that works with your open toed shoes (and anyone who is serious about looking fabulous has a closet of open toed shoes!). Perfect with your LBD (that would be little black dress) or peeking through the slit of a gown. Also perfect with prints--these Little Dots are a new "neutral" that can replace boring nude tights. Your choice of Black or Gray.

Now, the best part: The 6' models at a recent show said they were the best fitting and most comfortable tights they had ever worn! The Med/Large size easily fit them, and we have a Small/Med for our more petite customers.

AND--drum roll please--for those of you who order and mention Eugene's blog, I'm offering a 20% discount. Regular price is $22.50. Your price--only $18 for the best looking tights in the market! Contact me and I'll set you up with delicious tights.

Then you can grab your attitude and go out and stun the fashion scene. People will notice.

To my Fashionista Friends,

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