Saturday, April 23, 2011

Partnership With The Stylish Fox

We have been working together lately, to get a banner of hers on this web site. Read the remainder of the blog entries for the details and to see the banner.

I have been eager to help out The Stylish Fox, because of her willingness to cooperate and to respond to my email. She has offered 15% off of all hosiery orders until the end of April.

This banner is custom made for us.

15% off; all hosiery orders

For me, this has been a wonderful growth experience, because I wanted to learn how to track the success advertising campaigns. I do not want to just place banners all over the place, so I need to study how to go about doing it, so that it is actually beneficial to you.

Do not feel that you need to bookmark this blog entry. I have made a page to list all of the banners and specials that are being offered to us. To see what is currently available, click Specials, which can also be found at the top of each page. There is information there about how to make a banner for my site, if you would like something customized. Any time I add a new special to that page, I will blog about it. I will also remove the link from the top of each page, if there are no current specials, so that it will not take up space. That being said, the page will still be available to those who have bookmarked it.

Part of buying hosiery is choosing a good company to buy from. We want to establish a good relationship with the companies that we buy from, and The Stylish Fox allows us to do it. They made a couple attempts at customizing the banner. They really do try. I totally recommend them, for your next hosiery purchase. If you have bought from her, then please let me know how it went with you.

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