Monday, April 18, 2011

Misc. Hosiery Mentions

None of these articles are blog worthy on their own. It is a slow news day, so I think that it is a good time to share some summaries. Read the remainder of the blog entry to see them.

  • An article about economics mentions men in the 1700s who used their wisdom to bring economic stability to Britain, and the author describes them as men in tights. I think that this makes men in hosiery look good.
  • An article about the top 10 chat-up lines lists, as #10, Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven?. The list comes from a poll, with 2000 participants.
  • An article about DVT shows that more people die from blood clots than from breast cancer and AIDS combined, and that [a]n estimated 85 percent of air travel thrombosis victims are athletic. That is frightening to me. I will probably go out and buy a pair.

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