Monday, April 11, 2011

Skinkiss: New Product

Have you heard of Skinkiss before? Be sure to read the remainder of the blog entry for a short blurb.

The slimming benefits sound great, but the exciting part is the way that they sell it. Their beautiful photos seem to sell the sensual aspect of the garment, whereas their competitors often focus on the sexual aspect. Both are good, but it is refreshing to see this. Be sure to check out their video and a testimony.

I also like the model. She appears to be older than what I expect of hosiery models. I like the smooth fabric of the bra. She seems to have a minimal amount of make up. She seems so clean cut.

It would be very interesting to make a comparison of all the hosiery companies, and see how well they sell in relation to the types of photos that they have.

Which types of photos do you prefer?

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