Thursday, October 13, 2011

Benefits Of Me Selling Hosiery At Sears

I am still a little bummed out about not being able to tell people that I, a man, wear hosiery, when I sell hosiery at Sears. I have reflected on it, though, I can see that there are a couple of positives. Read the remainder of my post for more info.

The other day, I forgot to mention that just hiring a guy to work hosiery is already very progressive. It is easy to complain about things, but we are already making headway.

Also, the future might be different than what I am aiming for. Many men want their own hosiery in their own department. So I could imagine things going back to women working in the women's hosiery department, and men in the men's department.

I think that society needs to figure out what it wants and what it tolerates. The indecision is an unfortunate consequence of multiculturalism and the mixing pot.

On Tuesday night, a lady wanted to buy Silks waistband free tights. Unfortunately, we did not have the colour-size that she wanted. I am relatively certain that The Bay did not also. All of this information helps me to consider what to offer in my boutique. Therefore working there provides me with market research info. I am getting paid while I gather information! so, it is a great deal!

There are lots of small benefits, too!

Negative people might miss out on these opportunities, because they might fixate on a little thing that they do not like.

What do you think? Do you think that I have a better attitude?

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