Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hosiery Review: Fiore Raisa

My experience with Raisa by Fiore hosiery was quite positive.

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I was very happy when I first saw Raisa's package, because it seemed very beautiful and professional [just like Linda's package].

Raisa also felt wonderful, when I pulled her out of the package. She very thick and spongy, which meant to me that she was probably going to be very comfortable and snug around the legs.

Unfortunately, it was hard to tell what scent it had, since my nose was plugged. I think that there was no perfume scent. It was more of a scent that naturally occurs as part of the manufacturing process. Perhaps it was just the scent of the dyes.

[Edit: I tried the hosiery again, a few days, later, and it did smell nice, like a freshly made pair, without any perfume.]

I placed 1 leg over my glasses, and the leg managed prevent any light from shining through.

I also held 1 layer of the panty portion up to the light when unstretched, and only a few of specks of light shone through.

Raisa's unstretched length went from crotch to midcalf. I am 5'7" and 130 lbs, and I estimate that she needs to stretch 1.5' to fit me well.

I ordered Raisa in size 3, and I found her to be very comfortable.

I finally put Raisa on.

The leg length was fine and there was more room to stretch. She was very comfortable. 1 thing in particular, that I liked, was the velvety feeling on the inside.

The first thing about the physical appearance that I noticed was that she was not smooth and even textured like the photo. In the photo, all that she has are she are barely noticeable horizontal lines. When I wore her, she had thick vertical lines. In other words, you could easily see the knitting as if she were mostly made of cotton and spandex. In fact, she is only made of 1% cotton. I suspect that washing it the first time will actually allow the fibres to stretch more evenly, because the residual dyes will be washed out. I will report back after a few wearings and washings.

I expected Raisa to feel more like Linda, but Raisa felt more like leggings, or smooth flannel. She still felt smooth, though.

1 month from now, I would like to comment on pilling. I hope that Raisa will not pill, but we will see.

If you have any questions, then please post them in the comments below. I will do my best to answer them. Also, I know that somebody from The Stylish Fox reads this blog, so maybe that person will help with answers. Also, if you have tried Raisa, then please let me know below. I would love to ask you questions.

So, we can see that Fiore has provided us with a great quality style, named Raisa. She seems great at accommodating a variety of body types, and I definitely recommend it for other people, especially those who trust the brand, and/or those who would like to purchase the same product over and over again. Unfortunately, I have so many brands and styles to sample, that I might not get around to ordering this again. We shall see.

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