Saturday, October 22, 2011

Duties At Sears

After working for about 3.5 weeks at Sears, I am beginning to understand my role there. Generally speaking, most of my time there is spent working the cash register, and getting shoes. Sometimes, I open and close the cash registers. As far as hosiery goes, I spend a lot of time tidying up the hosiery racks and pulling out new stock. I do focus on hosiery a bit more than others, but hosiery is such a small part of it.

It bothers me that I spend so little time taking care of the hosiery, but there is very little that I can do about it. I think that I need to realize that the hosiery situation is a problem and that it was that way before I came, and that it will be that way long after I am gone. I believe that Sears has so much variety and so little space for it, that it would be impossible to fix the problem at my level of employment. It would cost Sears too much to bring me in more often, just for dealing with hosiery.

All of this makes me a little upset, but it also forces me to look on the positive side, because if I do not, then I will just end up being miserable or quitting. A lot of us consider this to be a good milestone for men. I need to stay focused on that. I must learn to appreciate the fact that I can help some people get hosiery, when they would not have been able to otherwise.

If I ever get rich, then I intend to open a hosiery store, so that I can take pride in great quality hosiery that is organized and well displayed. It would be a hobby business. As long as I can break even, then it is worth it.

I just need to stick it out for 2 years, and then move on. This type of a job will never be a great long term job. This means that I have 101.5 weeks to go!

The end. Thank you for reading!

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