Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hosiery Review: Trasparenze Linda

My experience with Linda by Trasparenze hosiery was very positive.

product photo

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When I first saw the package, I was pleasantly surprised. The package shows a full image, with the model's face and more of the background. I felt that this seemed like a nice reward for buying the product. As a side note, the package showed the model facing the other way.

Not surprisingly, Linda felt wonderful as I pulled her out of the package. I think that that is the hallmark of great hosiery: the ability to feel wonderful at the slightest touch. I admit that that is subjective, but there are a lot of nice pairs out there that feel good on first impression, and also feel good while being put on, and while wearing, and after wearing. I think that they deserve that recognition.

One thing that I wanted to check was the scent. I find that new hosiery smell is always so appealing, even if it is a strong chemical scent. Unfortunately, it was hard to tell what scent it had, since my nose was plugged. I think that there was no perfume scent. It was more of a scent that naturally occurs as part of the manufacturing process. Perhaps it was just the scent of the dyes.

Another thing that I focused on was whether or not Linda could block out all light while it was pristine and unstretched. I placed 1 leg over my glasses, but that did not cover my full field of vision, so I used her other leg. 1 leg covered my upper vision and the other covered my lower vision. The legs managed prevent any light from shining through.

I realize that this seems weird to many of you, but the idea is that we need a reference for how stretchy and opaque our hosiery is. Taking a short sheer pair is different from taking a long half-opaque pair not stretching it. The stretched pair would be under stress, but the longer pair would not be. Would you not agree?

I also looked at 1 layer of the panty portion when unstretched. I held it up to the light, and lots of specks of light shone through.

Another thing that I wanted to check was Linda's unstretched length. I held the cotton gusset at about the same height as my own crotch, and let Linda's legs hang down. This would give me an idea of how far Linda would have to stretch in order to cover my feet and legs. Linda went from my crotch to midcalf. I estimate that she would need to stretch about 1.5' to reach full length.

Linda size 3 requires about 1.5' of stretching to go from opaque to what we see in the image above. I am 5'6" and 130 lbs. So you now can estimate how it might look on you.

I finally put Linda on.

I discovered that the leg length was fine. I can tell that there is room for more stretch.

There was reinforcement along the midseam. If I recall correctly, L'eggs and Wolford both have reinforced midseams, in 1 or more of their styles. Would one of you confirm that for me? The photo below shows L'eggs Sheer Energy's reinforced midseam that I am talking about.

reinforced midseam

The stretchiness also reminds me of the same Wolford and L'eggs styles. In other words, if you see the same reinforcement, then you will probably find the same stretchiness. I do not think that the 3 brands produce the same style, but the styles do remind me of each other.

Linda is very comfortable. She seems to fit very well.

Although Linda stretches easily, she does grip the skin really well, which means that you will get some parts that are darker than others. You will need to even out her fabric yourself. I suggest using wet hands to shuffle the fabric around. This also means that if Linda was stretched a lot, then she probably would not pull down on you.

When I think of European hosiery, I think of hosiery that is perfectly made. I expect the feet to be untwisted, and the legs to be of equal length. I expect everybody to fit in their size category. When I put Linda on, it was hard to know if she was on straight, because I have the tendency to put hosiery on in a crooked manner. In other words, I could see the knitting lines go off to the side, and then back over again. I say this, because I cannot claim that Linda's legs were straight, and I cannot say that her legs were crooked. I believe that they were straight, especially since they appeared to be straight, when I brought them out of the package. However, I want to hold back judgement until I have worn and washed them a few times. On rare occasions, what appears to be crooked will straighten out after a washing.

I just discovered something that added to the confusion. As I was proof reading this, I discovered that I have knock knees: My Ankles Can't Touch. So, I will make sure that my comments factor in knock knees.

The tactile sensation is so important to me. That is half the pleasure of wearing hosiery. Imagine a hypothetical world, where temperatures are always comfortable, and all the people are blind. Some of us might imagine that wearing hosiery in that world would not be necessary, since nobody would see legs. I imagine that even in that world, people would still want to wear hosiery, because the tactile sensation of hosiery is so pleasant.

With that in mind, I would describle Linda, as a thin fabric, that feels like silk or skin, as opposed to something like velvet, flannel, or tent material. Describing smooth is such a challenging thing. Would you not agree?

1 month from now, I would like to comment on pilling. I think that pills can ruin the visual and tactile experience of hosiery. There is a pair of stockings that I wear when sleeping in an old sleeping bag of mine. When I noticed how many pills were on the heels of the stockings, I felt so repulsed. I still wear them, because pills are not that big of a big deal, but they can take a favourite pair of hosiery and just ruin it. I hope that Linda will not pill, but we will see.

If you have any questions, then please post them in the comments below. I will do my best to answer them. Also, I know that somebody from The Stylish Fox reads this blog, so maybe that person will help with answers. Also, if you have tried Linda, then please let me know below. I would love to ask you questions.

So, we can see that Trasparenze has provided us with a great quality style, named Linda. She seems great at accommodating a variety of body types, and I definitely recommend it for other people, especially those who trust the brand, and/or those who would like to purchase the same product over and over again. Unfortunately, I have so many brands and styles to sample, that I might not get around to ordering this again. We shall see.


  1. Great review, thank you. I think that reinforcement along mid-seams and waistband is a common thing for quality hosiery.

  2. Would they glide under pants? Some microfiber tights are nice to the touch but it can be difficult to wear pants over them. Have you tried wearing them with pants?

  3. I haven't tried, and I wouldn't want to, because they might start to pill. It's grippy enough that I wouldn't want to risk it.

    I think all microfiber hosiery is bad for under pants. I could be wrong, though. Have you found any that are good for under pants?

  4. I always have certain pairs that I only wear under jeans/pants and it doesn't matter if they pill or not. Or let me rephrase this: I wear them under pants because they pill eventually but no one can see that and they still keep me warm. I think it is a normal response of a fabric to rubbing against another fabric for long periods of time.

  5. I have found that Trasparenze hosiery is a very good brand I preffer them over most of the american brands. They are very well made, I purchased there size 5 in several different styles the all glide well uder pants and all are very supportive. the only problem that I have is in the over all length. I have a 36 inch inseam and it is very hard to find quality hose that do not cost an arm and a leg

    1. Hi.

      I'm currently trying to develop medium support hosiery for 37" inseams.

      Also, have you tried Trasparenze Linda? Do you find Trasparenze better than Wolford or Fogal?