Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Business Shorts For Men

The goal of wearing shorts and hosiery in all environments is never going to be reached, unless we can convince people to wear shorts in the business environment. That is why I want to coin the phrase "business shorts", to describe shorts that are well made for the business environment. Read the rest of my post for more info.

In a Wikipedia article about suits, there is a section especially for women's suits. You can see that women have the choice of a trouser suit or a skirt suit. I want all of us to have an extra option of a shorts suit.

The major obstacle of wearing shorts is the impression that it is casual. The most formal shorts that the average person can imagine are walking shorts. Although many walking shorts are not bad, they are only a step up from swim shorts, and barely a step up from cargo shorts.

We need shorts that are so distant, that employers will automatically assume that these shorts will fit in the work place. It kind of makes sense too, because with pants, people will assume that we will wear more than just casual cargo pants, or track pants. We are supposed to wear business casual at Sears, and they do not want to have to spell it out. That means that certain outfits have stood the test of time, and earned the right to be worn in the business casual work place.

We can do that too with business casual shorts. Business casual shorts are shorts that are made of the exact same material that would be used with business casual pants. They would require some ironing, or at least be resistant to wrinkling. The materials would be the type of materials that business people typically wear with a tie.

Here are a couple of links about suits.

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