Monday, October 24, 2011

Business Opportunities For Hosiery

I stumbled upon the idea of being a concierge. I began to wonder, "What if we could get people to come to us, to order hosiery, and then just let us do the choosing?". I know that seems impossible, but the idea is that we could save them time, and we could focus on just sending a pair of hosiery to them.

To see what I am getting at, here is the Wikipedia definition of a shopping concierge.

Shopping concierge is a service that provides either personal assistance in shopping in particular area, usually tourist shopping spot, or sometimes associated with pre-order shopping service. Shopping concierge service business is getting more grip, shoppers have to face difficulties shopping outside their countries, due to issue like payment method, shipping method, etc. Some of the merchants or stores that do not support international shipping usually become the source of shopping concierge business, while shoppers in countries where big brands and stores are not available become their target market.

Usually shopping concierge business charge their customesr per time based (hours or daily) or charge them per shopping transaction with fixed-cost or percentage based. Many shopping concierge service provider, such as,, etc.

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