Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finally Had 50 Visitors Each Day For Whole Month

From Sep. 3 until Oct. 3, I had 50 or more visitors each day for the first time. It has not gone below that, since then, either. I appreciate all of you regulars. I also appreciate all of you who have directed some of your traffic to my blog. Thank you very much.

My next goal is to get over 60 visitors each day, for a month. As it is, I already have reached a goal of 55, and I think that I need to set higher goals, so that we will not have to see these tiny announcements every month. I think that 60 visitors might be a little bit harder, but maybe as I share more experiences from work, then more readers will come. The last time I got below 60 visitors was on Oct. 1, and the fluctuations have been very mild. If all goes well, then I should be able to announce the next milestone on Nov. 1.

In the distant future, I hope to create some serious articles, but we will have to see how that turns out.

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