Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't Squander Your Health

While I am enjoying the snug feeling of Energizers Medium Support Tights, I sense that this is still news to a lot of people. Long time wearers of any kind of support hosiery or compression hosiery can skip this. The rest of my post tells you all.

They say that life is too short for a lot of things. This is true of discomfort and poor health. You have only so many days, so would you rather spend any of that time having uncomfortable legs?

The great thing about Energizers Medium Support Tights, and other brands and styles, is the way that they are so compatible with different situations and outfits. Even if you are staying at home, and being casual, then you would still want to wear a pair, because of how good the snug feeling is, and how the fabric feels to the touch. If you want to go out on a Friday night, then you would still enjoy wearing a pair. The microfibre fabric is very fashionable, and works with that little black dress, or that cool pair of shorts.

How many of you wear compression hosiery? What about support hosiery? Do you wear that?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I wear tan Leggs Sheer Energy most days during the summer. They provide light compression, but there are some days where I can feel my legs when I take them off at night before beed. They defiantly help out. Beyond that, I don't wear anything else that has stronger compression.

    1. Hi Robert!

      Thanks for the reply. I noticed that your message got caught in Blogger's spam folder. I don't understand why that happened.

      I like L'eggs Sheer Energy, too. Unfortunately, I can't find it up here. in Canada.

      Why do you prefer light support? Are you concerned about how medium and firm support feel to the touch?