Monday, July 16, 2012

Silks Waistband-Free Tights Style #2395 Probably All Gone

On Saturday, I visited LovelyLegsAndIntimates, to buy her last stock of Silks Waistband-Free Tights [style #2395]. Amazingly, she had a stash of 18 pairs: 12 in black size 2, and 6 in black size 3. Just like the black size 3 pairs that I received, these were so short that they should be sold as black size 1.

I used the black size "3" pairs to fill an already made order.

I will try to sell off the black size "2" pairs to a preferred customer who will get a first choice on whether or not she wants some, because she has made a large order in the past without much fuss, and because she has already requested more for when she needs them.

I think that this is probably the last of style #2395, because at the beginning of July, I ordered more Silks Waistband-Free Tights, hoping to get more of #2395, but it turns out that the manufacturer sent me more of the newer style. So, the last order brought me none, and the order before that brought me none. I also see no web sites on the web offering this. I think that we are completely out, except a few small stores, or department stores.

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