Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tried Engergizers Medium Support Hosiery

  • Energizers Medium Support Pantyhose
  • Energizers Medium Support Pantyhose

Men, do you need a bit support for your legs, this summer?

Although these do not seem to offer the same support as the medium support opaques, I find that they are still a delight to wear, and that they offer a pleasantly smooth feel.

I decided to wear these, because I do want some support, but I am feeling a bit of a "squeeze", when it comes to income. I figured that I should get the best support possible, but it is more important to use up the hosiery that I already have.

The medium support opaques feel so good, that I had to summon all my resolve to resist dipping into my inventory to use that. Once I have sold off more of my stock, and until I need more, I will try to use what I already have in my drawers.

Thank you for reading!

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