Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Phantom Silks Waistband Free Tights [Original Style #2395 size 1]

I am recording this product information, just for the record. This is not being manufactured anymore. I plan to take the product down from my various sites when I think that the manufacturer has run out. Read the rest of the blog post for the product information.

Thank you for reading!

weight111 g
Package Size6.5″ × 4″ × .75″
key wordstights, opaques, full length, black, java

More unstretched and stretched information will be given as it comes.

This is the actual style #2395, and not just an alternative and not just a replacement. Style #2395 should be less constricting than the newer version, style #19295.

This style is great in that there is no waistband. The style does not come with flat seams.

Silks hosiery is really like a second skin: grips well on the inside and silky on the outside. The grip helps it to not slide down, which allows for an even texture and appearance, after you spread it out on your legs. The grip also allows for an adjustable panty portion. You do not have to stretch it to keep it up.

We have done our own quality assurance tests. The remaining stock has been labelled as size 3, but measurements and a fit trial clearly show them to be at size 1.

Style #2395 is made up of 90% nylon and 10% Lycra. Although the packaging does say elastane, customers should assume that the elastane is Lycra brand spandex. The Lycra logo is on the packaging.

Size/Taille Height/Grandeur Weight/Poids
ft & in / pi & po cm lb kg
1 4′10″-5′6″ 147-167 cm 95-140 lb 43-64 kg
2 5′2″-5′8″ 157-173 cm 130-170 lb 59-77 kg
3 5′5″-6′0″ 165-182 cm 155-195 lb 70-89 kg

Unfortunately, Silks waistband-free tights style are no longer offered at Sears. I was told this, when I spoke with the product representative in Oct. 2011. This does not mean that they will never be offered. It just means that stock has not been replenished at Sears, and probably will not be indefinitely.

In Jan. or Feb. 2012, I found out that The Bay sells them on a seasonal basis.

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