Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Energizers Medium Support Opaque Tights [style #19284] Lengths

Black size C is a tiny bit longer than black size B. After noticing the slight differences in length of Silks Waistband-Free Tights [style #19295], I decided to give Energizers Medium Support Tights [style #19284] another measure. It turns out that the panty portion and the leg portion of black size C are a tiny bit longer. Read the rest of the blog post to see what I will do with this hosiery.

I honestly do not feel comfortable selling it that way, but at least there some difference in some pairs. It is so close in size, that I am sure that there are a few size B pairs that are equal in length or a bit longer.

I will sell the black size B as the shortest, which is what the size chart indicates. When I run out of that, I will use black size C to fill orders for black size B, and let them know what I am doing.

In the mean time, I will sell black size C also as the longest regular size, as the size chart indicates. When it comes time for replenishing, I will only replenish black size C, a bit at a time, until they start lengthening it. If customers complain about the length of black size C, then it is entirely between the customers and the manufacturer. I will help to connect both parties, but that will be it.

If there are any refunds, then I hope that the manufacturer will give the full refund, and not involve me, because I gave them a chance, but they did not listen. I should not have to lose all the time that I invested in this product. I think that I am pushing my luck, but I have bought a lot, and it is not fair for them to treat anybody so poorly.

The unfortunate thing is that the manufacturer is not doing anything to improve the length of this wonderful support hosiery. The fabric is indescribable. Usually, all manufacturers seem to make a compromise in the feel of the fabric of support hosiery, but in this case, the feel of the fabric is more sensual than normal opaque hosiery, even though it is very strong in support.

Maybe they will improve things in the future.

Thank you for reading!

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