Friday, July 6, 2012

Modelled Raisa Hosiery By Fiore

A while ago, I did a photo shoot, and wanted to show you what it looked like. I also wanted to show you what Raisa hosiery [my review], looked like. Here is my chance to hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Enjoy!

I did not just take a photo and post it on the web. The Stylish Fox also used an closeup of my leg for the Raisa Opaque Tights [by Fiore] product page.

This is a real milestone for men in hosiery. Typically, men do not model hosiery. Unisex hosiery and specifically men's hosiery are modelled by men, but even still, those opportunities are rare. Also, there is some hosiery that could be unisex, but it is packaged as women's hosiery, so women model it. Men typically do not get to model for this.

I read about 1 fellow who did this, and he got paid, too, if I recall correctly. He appeared to be so feminine, that he was able to pass for a woman.

In this case, I am not trying to pass for a woman, and I am also trying to not look like a man. In the photo, I am just modeling the side of the leg, for the purposes of giving a realistic closeup look. Since it is not showing a lot of the body, it will not be a turn off for picky women. Also, the side of the leg does not always come across as muscular. At least, it does not for me.

I think that that is where normal guys can contribute to the hosiery industry. There are very few photos that give a close up look at the fabric.

Would any of you men or women model for the purposes of selling hosiery?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Just wanted to say that I love the photo. :) Good job, Eugene. Hope you get more "hypes" on Lookbook.

  2. love fiore brand hosiery nice photo usually I wear the 40 den they have a nice shine to them I will try the Raisa style they look great