Friday, July 13, 2012

Finished Another Pair Of Shorts

There was 1 minor mistake, but I was able to recover, by undoing a few stitches. I also had to anchor the relevant threads, but other than that, it worked out okay.

For those of you just joining us: wearing shorts is a fundamental part of wearing hosiery openly; therefore it is crucial that men have nice shorts.

These particular shorts are white and casual. If I take photos with them, then I might try to look like I am wearing a tennis outfit.

The rest of the post is about my experiences in creating these shorts.

It did not have an easy to separate side seam, so that made it hard to adjust the hem to the tapered leg, so I just worked with whatever.

1 tip that I learned along the way was to loosen the stitch on top, and use that for the part on the inside. This will allow the folded-in portion of the hem to naturally pull away a bit. It should naturally pull away, because it is narrower than the part it is attached to.

Another tip that I learned is to stretch the hem in a fanned out way, so that I work with the taper, instead of fighting it. It is hard to explain, but just know that pulling the hem evenly might leave it loose in some parts, and too tight in others.

Overall, it was a smashing success. That is the second pair, so I have 2 done and 3 to go.

Thank you for reading!

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