Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Compression Hosiery Prevents Snoring

Toronto University is testing the idea that compression hosiery can reduce snoring. The idea is that the hosiery squeezes the excess fluids out of the muscles, which makes it easier for the body to get rid of the fluid during the day. They theorize that if the body cannot get rid of the fluid by night time, then the fluid flows to the throat, and then the extra swelling makes it easier to snore.

The Daily Mail article mentions that there is a possible link to sleep and appetite. It should be interesting to see what becomes of this. If compression hosiery proves to be a useful tool, then we can expect an increase in all hosiery sales.

I do wonder about support hosiery. Unfortunately, most support hosiery probably does not have enough compression to make a difference. Energizers Medium Support Tights offers 8-10 mmHg of leg and foot support, and to me, that seems like enough compression, but is it? The good thing about it, though, is that support hosiery is so safe that it is safe for almost anybody. Although, I do not encourage you to buy support hosiery in place of compression hosiery, I do encourage you to wear support hosiery in place of bare legs, or when you really do not care about what is on your legs.

Do you wear support hosiery to reduce snoring? Do you know of anybody who does? Have you heard of support hosiery or compression hosiery working?

Thank you for reading!

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