Friday, August 3, 2012

How To Deal With Men Claiming Health Benefits Of Ultra Sheers?

When I think of medical benefits, I am interested in dealing with facts. With medical facts, you really just have to try ideas over a broad range of people. The people chosen for test subjects need to be random, within reason, and they are not supposed to know what they are being exposed to. In other words, some test subjects are to receive placebos and not know it.

So, what do you think when people claim to have health benefits of wearing ultra sheers? I have never heard of support hosiery made of ultra sheer fabric. If it were possible, then would you be supportive [no pun intended] of these men? Would you humour them? I tend to hate humouring people.

I suspect that placebos do not work very well in the long run, and people could end up spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of electricity on solutions that are as useful as superstitions. On the other hand, if their placebos are not that expensive, then maybe it would be okay. Think about that. If you were suffering, then all you really would care about are doing something about it, and then getting results, right? In some cases, if it is just a matter of pain, and if the pain does not really cause problems, then literally anything to make you feel better would be okay, as long as a placebo does not do damage. Therefore the cheapest solution that lets you carry on with your day will be okay.

Energizers Light Support Hosiery

For a while, I wondered how I might promote light support hosiery. Light support hosiery seems like such a bad deal to me, but if they insist, then maybe I should try to reach them and sell it to them. For $8.50, it is not too expensive, compared to an ordinary pair of ultra sheers that have no spandex, and only last a couple of weeks.

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