Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I [A Man] Wore White Hosiery & Boots

Today, I ran a lot of errands. In addition to the above, I wore black shorts and a white shirt. I felt so awkward due to the colours, but I decided to keep going, as if I were the most awesome guy in the world. Overall, not too bad.

I met up with a girl who wanted to discuss me making smart phone websites. She was not put off by me wearing opaque hosiery and boots. She wanted to hug me. I managed to tell her a bit about why I wear, and what I am trying to achieve. She did not say much about it, but she seemed happy for me. We had that web stuff stuff to discuss, so it was hard to keep focused on that.

I also got paid to perform for a commercial. They never filmed my legs, but it was all okay.

I also checked out another department store branch to see if they had any Silks Waistband-free Tights [style #2395]. They did. I will have to pick some up in the future.

It was a great day, with a tiny bit more to come. Thank you for reading!

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